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Our Establishment Principles

Limasol Real Estate Investment Partnership is a financial enterprise like other associations and
corporations of Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank. LTCB is neither investor nor shareholder in this
enterprise. It aims to provide necassary infrastructure in order to start and manage the Real Estate
Investment Partnership. Beside, another aim is to make evolution of capital market and therewith work as
principles. Real Estate Investment Partnership which provides a new dimension for the finance associations in the TRNC will
provide use of idle assets by the capital markets.

In order to be a good catalyzer for banks and financial institutions, the main information about the
Real Estate Investment Partnership is as the followings:

  • Companies of Real Estate Investment Partnership put the collects of many investors’ resources to same
    pool via IPO and therewith carry out worthy and high amount of real estate investments.
  • While giving the opportunity of becoming shareholder indirectly to individual investors who cannot
    make such a huge amount of real estate investment with his own savings, investment risk is decreasing
    because of the diversified portfolio logic with different types of projects.
  • In the world, Real Estate Investment Partnerships enters the literature in 1960 in the U.S.A. and
    showed significant development in 1990’s.
  • In Turkey, Real Estate Investment Partnerships - come into use in 1996, after traded on the Istanbul
    Stock Exchange Market (BIST).
  • At the end of the 2011, in BIST, number of traded Real Estate Investment Partnership is 22 and market
    value reached to 13,5 billion TL.
  • hile ongoing rapid growth process in Turkey, beside significant contribution to economy, Real Estate
    Investment Partnerships provide development of other sectors like construction, health and tourism.