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Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank’s initiative Limasol Real Estate Investment Partnership
aims to provide best opportunites who wants to make investment in the sector. Limasol real
estate investment partnership brings the right real estate investment and the most appropriate
credit facilities to real estate investors and final users in order to make the best choice.


One of the reformist service created by Limasol real es-tate investment partnership is to
provide permanent financial cycle of Real Estate Investment Partnership via rental income.
For the sake of Real Estate Investment Partnership, immovables are taken on trust. From the
more progressive application and devoloping construction portfolio in a mass, short and long
term investment instrumensts will be initial public offering. Initial public offering of
investment instruments based on immovables will be done throughout international
standards of IPO.


Limasol Real Estate Investment Partnership provides the service of rent of invested
immovables and trasfer rental income to who bought the immovable. Limasol Real Estate
Investment Partnership aims to distribute rental income of its own asset immovables to Limasol
Real Estate Investment Partnership’s shareholders and financial instrument owners over a
specific ratio.